Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 106: Trout Lake and Mt. Adams

Mile 2219.2 -> Mile 2229.4 -> Ride to and from Trout Lake -> Mile 2250.0

I am in love with huckleberries. After picking a few yesterday on trail (let’s be real though, the bushes we’re almost completely picked over), I was excited to try some huckleberry goodies in Trout Lake today. And I got to do just that.

After a relaxing morning to Forest Service Road 23, I took the well-organized shuttle into Trout Lake. I dropped my pack at the general store, started charging my battery, and headed to the Station Cafe across the street. Their menu had huckleberry everything, but it was pricey. I settled on the huckleberry cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting. It was amazing!

My main breakfast course then came: chicken on a biscuit with bacon and a fried egg, topped with gravy. Also amazing.

I headed to the Trout Lake Grocery to resupply and kick back. Turns out this place has a great selection of hiker foods for reasonable prices. I was able to get two days of food, a small sandwich, and a beer for $21. Deal! They told me about a community Saturday market across the street and I headed over for my second huckleberry cinnamon roll of the day.

After hitching out of Trout Lake, I had a mellow but ambitious day to do 21 miles to the Lava Rock Spring. Most of the hike had me covering about a quarter of Mt. Adams’ circumference, but I never really got a good, solid vantage of it. Here’s one of the better ones I got, in addition to the main Photo:

And here’s the spring near where I camped:

The campsite was being used by a cool group of five southbound hikers. They may end up being the last SOBO hikers I see, considering how late it is in the season!

Main Photo: The trail winding near Mt. Adams on August 24.