Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 105: Indian Heaven Wilderness (So Much Trail Magic)

Mile 2182.6 -> Mile 2219.2

Washington is starting to get really cool. After a solid night’s rest, I began a gnarly climb. It was something like 3000 ft. of elevation gain over 9.4 miles. That’s really not too steep overall–but the constant uphill was tiresome in the morning. Oh well, that’s what Washington is gonna be like.

After getting to my day’s cruising altitude I passed a trailhead and parking lot to see some trail magic. Cowboy, a retired union electric worker from Washington, was slinging pancakes, coffee, and other goodies. He’d been there for several days and was staying through the weekend. I chatted with him and a few other hikers and he’s a truly great guy–and he makes a mean pancake.

After pigging out for an hour I was on my way to continue the up and down that the rest of my day would consist of. I entered Indian Heaven Wilderness and caught my first glimpse of Mt. Adams, a very welcome sight. Indian Heaven was peaceful and gorgeous, from its trees to its lakes.

Shortly before exiting the wilderness and beginning to descend to where I’d camp, I passed another trailhead to see another trail angel doing trail magic. This time Farmer Tom had a full taco bar setup. I had three crunchy tacos complete with tomatillo salsa and Valentina’s hot sauce. What a treat!

My legs were doing good all day but the last four miles were tough on them. I strolled into the campsite to find several section/overnight hikers already setup. After asking to see if I could join their campsite, one guy with a case of Rolling Rock beers asked if I wanted one. It turns out he was a local that does regular trail magic in the area.

So it was a great day for me and getting spoiled in Washington.

Main Photo: My first view of Mt. Adams on August 23.