Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 103: Cascade Locks (And More Food)

Mile 2109.5 -> Mile 2147.1

Today was equal parts cruisy and grueling. I had a great night’s sleep and got going a little later than I hoped to, but I was quickly down the trail. But then the clouds showed up and I remembered it was supposed to rain for most of the day.

I couldn’t see much for most of the day because I was apparently hiking inside of a cloud along the last ridgelines of Oregon. It was actually kinda peaceful. I was all alone for most of the day–I saw maybe 4 or 5 other hikers all day.

It started to rain around 11 AM and then the day started to wear on me. It wasn’t particularly wet, I just had to cover a lot of ground and the miles didn’t seem to come quick enough. The trail dropped sharply as I descended toward Cascade Locks and every step was jarring. I was ready to be sitting down with a burger and a beer.

Around 6:30 PM I rolled into Cascade Locks and headed for the campground. In the light rain I set up my tarp and hoped it would keep me dry tonight. I then headed to the Cascade Locks Ale House for a free PCT hiker beer and to order some food. “Some” food ended up being the Hiker Trash Burger, two 6 oz. burgers I’m between two personal pepperoni pizzas instead of a bun. It was pretty dang good, and I saved half for breakfast tomorrow.

Tomorrow I hike into Washington and begin the final stretch of the PCT. I’m excited, sad, eager, and nervous to finish the trail. This has only been my life for a few months now, but I don’t really know what I’ll do when it’s all done.

Main Photo: Mt. Hood seem from the northwest ridgeline heading toward Cascade Locks on August 21.