Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 101: Olallie and Little Crater Lakes

Mile 2040.6 -> Mile 2080.8

If I can help it, today was my last 40 mile day. Not that I don’t wabt to crush miles, but I’ve been jamming through Oregon to get to Washington and I want to enjoy the end. Plus, it’s wrecking my legs to go this far each day–especially consecutively. But I’m now two sub-40 mile days from bthe Oregon/Washington border, and I expect bto be drinking a beer in Cascade Locks, OR on Wednesday night.

Today was a big day of necessity: I wanted to set myself up for the Timberline Lodge lunch buffet tomorrow, and I want to get as close as I can to the border to make the next two days mellow(er). And luckily the terrain was easy today. It was mostly flat/downhill.

I got to see two of my favorite Oregon sights so far: Olallie Lake, and Little Crater Lake.

Olallie Lake is an actual lake with a small resort. Since it’s 0.1 miles off trail, I had to swing by the store and get something. I had to. There was surprisingly a big selection–enough for me to resupply off of–but it was all marked up 100-200%. This is understandable, since we’re in the middle of nowhere. I only wanted to spend $5 since I had enough food already. I made the choice to get a small pack of Oreos, a theater box of candy, and a protein bar. (I could have gotten a whole tray of Oreos for the same price, and I kinda regret not doing it.)

The lake itself is the idyllic image of a cute lake at the base of a mountain. It’s just gorgeous.

I got out of there soon to tackle my big day ahead, and after many uneventful miles I finished my day near Little Crater Lake. The photos don’t do it justice. The water was so blue and clear. You could see 45 ft. straight to the bottom. It was gorgeous.

Now I’m cowboy camping for the second night in a row (hooray for no mosquitoes!) on an abandoned dirt road. I actually got into camp with daylight to spare, and I hope that trend continues. Tomorrow: getting $100 worth of a $25 lunch buffet.

Main Photo: Olallie Lake in all its glory on August 19.