Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 99: Obsidian, Mt. Williams, and Big Lake

Mile 1967.9 -> Mile 1995.1 -> Side trail in and out of Big Lake Youth Camp -> Mile 1999.2

With striking views of the Sisters, I began my day heading towards Big Lake Youth Camp.

Early in the morning I passed through the Obsidian Limited Entry Area where black glassy rocks are everywhere and a small waterfall cascades down on the plentiful obsidian rocks.

The middle of the day involved hiking through lava rock fields up and down and seemingly all around. But it wasn’t too bad, especially since I got some trail magic at Santiam Pass. I met Ouch, the guy providing trail magic, in the Carson Pass area before South Lake Tahoe. We chatted about baseball, section hiking, and other stuff, and it was cool to see him again up here. He and his wife were serving hot dogs and cold drinks, which were much appreciated on a warm day.

The rest of the day was hiking near Mt. Williams I’m the Mt. Williams Wilderness and approaching Big Lake Youth Camp. When I finally got to Big Lake, I hurried to shower and do laundry while charging my stuff. I grabbed my resupply box and loaded up all the food that would carry my to the Washington border. I also got to pig out on the free dinner before getting back on trail for a few miles.

Big Lake was a great stop, and it reminded me of the awesome stops in the desert. It’s crazy to think that was three months ago.

Main Photo: A mountainside in the Obsidian Limited Entry Area on August 17.