Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 89: Into Oregon

Mile 1660.1 -> Mile 1700.8

I woke up to a beautiy view of Seiad Valley. Today is going to be a good day. It has to be, since I’m leaving California and heading into Oregon.

My tentsite ended up being amazing. I cowboy camped in a small breeze and had no issues with temperature, bugs, or condensation. I was rested and ready to do a big day, so j set my sights on the 1700 mile marker.

As I started the rest of the climb out of Seiad Valley I noticed a gorgeous basin of clouds off to the southwest. The last time I had seen this was near Wrightwood, around mile 400. It’s kinda breathtaking to be so far up that you can’t see what’s below.

Today I passed through the last of California’s meadows and wildflowers. I’m sure Oregon will be very similar to California for sometime, but this is the last bit of bona fide California that I’ll be in until I come home.

The last cool sight (site?) of California was the Donomore Cabin, a historic cabin less than a mile south of the border. It’s been around since 1935 and after years of neglect, the descendants of the original owners have started to rebuild and refurbish it. It was pretty cool being inside. It’s got character.

I finally made it to the border, signed the trail log, and out on my new shoes. I decided to (stupidly, I guess) carry my new shoes to the border and out them on there. New state, new shoes, new motivation. Plus, Nike was originally founded in Oregon, so it was fitting to start the state with a fresh pair.

I finished my day at a busy tentsite, so I grabbed a secluded rocky spot to lay out. Oregon looks familiar thus far, but I’m sure it’ll show its uniqueness soon.

I’m now in act 2 of 3. Time to jam.

Main Photo: The Oregon/California border sign on August 8.