Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 88: Seiad Valley

Mile 1625.5 -> Mile 1660.1

After a rough day, I decided I would have a better one today. Plus, I’m headed into Seiad Valley and will grab some snacks, a meal, and probably a beer.

The day’s hike was pretty uninteresting. The descent into Seiad was long (about 30 miles of up and down and then downdowndown), and the scenery was generally unremarkable. But it’s my last full day in California, and I still enjoyed it. It was just a long day.

I got into Seiad Valley around 4:30 PM and hit the store. I picked up my package (new shoes), an Arizona Tea, and a beer. I also grabbed a cheap Hostess-like apple pie because they’re delicious and cheap. I went outside and saw Good Find and Tri-Tip, two hikers I had seen the past couple of towns. I hung out there for a bit, tried on my shoes, and finished my treats. Good Find gave me a salted toffee chocolate chip cookie sent by his friend. It was divine. Eating that cookie kinda sucked because it was the last straw of many in a long bout of homesickness.

I miss baking. I miss daily showers. I miss my friends and family. I miss daily coffee. I miss my car, and I miss night driving with music on. I miss so much. But I’m out here, and I have a whole new life (for another month or so). And when I’m home and back to regular life, I’ll miss a lot of my life on the trail. So it must be.

I headed to Wildwood Tavern on my way out of town for a burger and a milkshake. It was pretty good, but as a new establishment you could tell they were working out kinks. But the food was pretty good, the service was great, and it was a good stop before hiking up and out of Seiad Valley.

The hike out is something like 4000 ft. of elevation gain over 6 miles. I hiked half of it to an amazing camping spot overlooking the valley. Tomorrow I would conquer the rest and head into Oregon.

Main Photo: The view from my camping spot over Seiad Valley on August 7.