Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 84: Castle Crags

Mile 1508.2 -> Mile 1549.7

Damn, it was a long day. I knew that I wanted to get into Etna on Monday, so I had to slice the 91 miles or so into 3 days. Since I’m on track for Oregon in a week from now, I don’t want to zero in Etna–just get my chores done and eat a couple good meals. So I decided to push for 40+ miles today, 30 something miles tomorrow, and have an easy morning into Etna on Monday.

Today I whipped around the Castle Crags mountains and approached Trinity Alps. I had always noticed Castle Crags when driving up I-5 to Oregon, so it was really cool to be among them. I definitely want to come back and climb up here, since I know there’s got to be plenty of routes.

Also, I’m kinda bummed the PCT doesn’t get close to Mt. Shasta. The trail just skirts it, teasing hikers with the promise of getting close but never giving anything but a view. I saw it several times today.

The saddle I’m camped on is in between two valleys. There are cows grazing in both valleys and I can hear the distant chimes of cowbells in the gentle wind. It’s kinda endearing.

Oh, and my legs are back to this again.

Main Photo: The westside view of Castle Crags on August 3.