Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 79: Hat Creek Rim and the First 40

Mile 1350.3 -> Mile 1390.7

With today’s relatively easy terrain, a 40 would be doable. The only issue was I was pushing into Hat Creek Rim, the longest waterless stretch of NorCal (and probably the rest of the PCT). At times I would have to carry water for 16+ miles in the dry heat with minimal shade.

I didn’t expect the hike to be as beautiful as it was. Behind me was Lassen and Mt. Lassen, and in front of me was a long basin leading up to hills and Mt. Shasta. Today was also filled with a lot of animals. I saw deer, cows, hummingbirds, snakes, and about a billion insects.

I took a side trip to checkout the subway tunnel, a volcanic tunnel created some thousands of years ago. It’s a cool sight and was a great place to cool off (it was in the mid 40s underground). There was also water at the picnic area on the other side, so it was an easy detour to make.

All in all, I did just over 40 miles. I’m proud I was able to push myself and get in a good spot to head into Burney tomorrow. I’m camped on a concrete slab next to a communications tower, which is interesting enough. I’m completely exhausted and running low on food since j overate today to keep up with my mileage goal. But hey, I’m dreaming over resupply and ice cream in Burney tomorrow.

For now I’m hiding in my quilt from a sudden rush of mosquitoes while cows angrily moo in the distance.

Main Photo: The view southwest of Mt. Lassen and Hat Creek Rim on July 29.