Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 76: Halfway, Then Chester

Mile 1307.3 -> Mile 1331.3 -> Hitchhike into Chester

I crossed the halfway point today. I’m still 3/4 of the way through California, and I still have Oregon and Washington to do, but it felt good to hit a meaningful milestone.

I didn’t expect to get into Chester today, but after hearing the local Lutheran church offered free camping, I figured it would be good to get into town early and take a bit of rest.

The day was largely easy and cruising. It feels good to be in this zone after a long section of difficulty. I don’t necessarily want it to be easy, but having it easier is nice for a bit.

I got into Chester thanks to a friendly hitch from a local. I hit the Dollar General, resupplied as healthily as possible (which wasn’t much), and then headed to the church. After meeting a couple of new people I headed to the Holiday Market for some beer and then the Pine Shack Frosty for a burger and jumbo milkshake. Now, this was more of a McFlurry/Blizzard than a milkshake, but it was still 32 oz. and delicious. I could have done another easily.

Chester is a quaint “main street” town but it has all the amenities I need. I’m hitting a solid breakfast in the morning and then getting back on trail to do 20ish miles.

Main Photo: An easterly view of unknown hills.and mountains on July 27.