Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 75: Quincy

Mile 1259.9 -> Mile 1267.9 -> Hitchhike into and out of Quincy -> Mile 1274.7

I was up early due to a night of light rest (thanks a lot, deer and bees). I got moving alongside the pretty sunrise to get into Quincy. There’s not much of a hurry today since I only plan to do 8ish miles after eating, resupplying, recharging, and resting in Quincy.

I got to Bucks Lake Road and. saw I was fourth in line behind Zack, Grumpy Bear, and Snack Pack. The road was fairly quiet and the cars that did happen to come by didn’t want to give four people a ride. After about an hour we got a hitch with Suzanne, a super friendly local who gives rides to lots of hikers. Her generosity was amazing, and she had a camo ball cap with a Confederate flag on the front that said “Renegade Girl.” People are the best canvases for dichotomies, I guess.

In Quincy we stopped at Morning Thunder for a big breakfast. I had a hot link omelet and a raspberry mint muffin, which was a first. Why don’t people make these more often? It was amazing. When paying, Patti (the owner) gave us some ranger cookies, made with coconut, raisins, macadamia nuts, and what I assume is crack cocaine. They were so good.

(Quincy has some cool buildings.)

I walked to the Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center. I heard they offer showers and laundry, which was true. I didn’t expect them to be free, so I made a donation of $10. I was expecting to pay, and so I did. The staff was so friendly and accommodating I would have felt guilty for taking advantage of their services for free.

After showering, laundry, and recharging my battery pack, I made my way to Dollar Tree for a cheappppp resupply. I then went to Safeway for a tall boy of beer and a pint of ice cream. We’ll see how well this sticks, but my new plan is to eat well on trail and pig out in towns. I’m tired of eating garbage all day/week/month.

I’m made my way to Quintopia for a pint of (amazing) hazy IPA with jasmine tea. I uploaded the last week’s posts and downloaded all my requisite entertainment and then hitched back to trail.

I hiked about 7 miles to a ridgeline looking out over Quincy and the surrounding hills, buttes, and whatever else they’re called. I guess I was wrong to presume I wouldn’t get striking views for a whole. This whole stretch since Truckee has been stellar.

Main Photo: Light pink hues during the golden hour over Quincy on July 25.