Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 74: Looking Out Over Quincy

Mile 1221.6 -> Mile 1259.9

Today was an even bigger day. I got to camp on a ridgeline yesterday, which meant cowboy camping and minimal mosquitoes. Now that the weather is also warming up, it also meant optimal sleeping temperatures.

I wanted to get into Quincy early on Thursday, so today was intentionally big. It was also relatively easy with a lot of elevation loss and minimal climbing.

I’m sweating a ton, my clothes are filthy, and my legs are caked in dirt. This is after bathing my legs in the Middle Fork Feather River earlier, which is a gorgeous river. The grime is unavoidable though. When you’re walking on dirt (almost) all day, that dirt eventually starts to walk on you.

I don’t have anything intellectual to say or reflect on today. My mind is busy with daydreaming and missing friends, family, simple pleasures like coffee and sofas, and rock climbing. But I’m hauling ass through NorCal and my body aches everywhere off and on, so I don’t have much time to worry about things.

One part of today’s hike was passing Bear Creek (not the one from the Sierra) and some streams down trail that fed into it. It was kinda crazy because as soon as I walked over its bridge I was immersed in a dank cloud of cool air and earthy scents. It reminded me on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. The air was heavy and damp, and it cooled me off instantly.

I ended the day at Lookout Rock, overlooking the valley that Quincy resides in. It’s a beautiful spot surrounded by manzanita bushes. The one downside: lots of wildlife hanging out. It seems like all damn night there were bees circling me. Furthermore, I remember at least four deer (or one deer four times) approaching me to munch on some greenery. I had to shoo it away and toss pebbles to remind it that, yes, there was in fact a sleeping human over here. The deer were cute though.

A random thought: since it looks like I’m gonna miss my originally planned end date of early September, I think I’ll take a small vacation (rather than a long one) when I’m back home. I’ll probably pick a random international destination for cheap and spend a week there just walking around and eating. Just like I’m doing now, but with the express goal of having no goal.

Main Photo: The sunset view from Lookout Rock near Quincy on July 24.