Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 72: Out Of The Snow

Mile 1155.9 -> Mile 1191.1

The night before: Just after consuming my last quadrant of Buffalo Pizza’s amazing chorizo and tomato breakfast pizza (thanks again Emily and Sal!), I brushed my teeth and laid in my bivy to gain respite from the mosquitoes. As I closed my eyes and prepared to sleep, I felt fat drops of rain all around me. Well, I actually heard them first. “What the…?,” I thought to myself. I didn’t see any storm clouds on my way to camp. Nevertheless, it rained heavy drops for a whole 30 seconds before passing. I didn’t get very wet, but I was still puzzled. It was such a peculiar end to a fantastic day.

But the next morning came fast and the day got going. And it might have been my biggest mileage day so far. This is now the northern most hiking I’ve done, and the scenery is slowly starting to become less familiar. It’s also a bit more homogenized–the trees and bushes and hills are running together.

Some hikers have talked about “NorCal depression” on the PCT. By this, they mean it’s easier to become depressed by the relatively boring landscapes in NorCal, as well as the fact that you still have hundreds of miles to go before hitting Oregon, the second state of the hike. I can see where they come from, but I doubt I’ll feel this way. It may be a bit boring, but I’ll stay occupied with music, audiobooks, and daydreaming.

Main Photo: The tunnel under HWY 80 leaving Donner Summit behind on July 22.