Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Days 60 and 61: Neros in Mammoth Lakes

Mile 901.0 -> Mile 906.7 -> Multiple buses in and out of Mammoth Lakes -> Mile 917.0

We did an easy 6 miles into Red’s Meadow for breakfast (which was very overpriced), and then paid $8 for a bus ticket to Mammoth Lakes. The bus ticket included the ride back, so I was happy to pay.

The rest of the group booked Eastside Guesthouse in Bishop and were hitching there. I booked at the Davison Guesthouse in Mammoth Lakes. We said our goodbyes, probably for some time, as we were headed in different directions and would be in town for different amounts of time. I was not zeroing as I was eager to get on trail and start hauling ass now that the hard stuff was behind us.

I’ll definitely miss the group I was with, but it will also be nice to be alone. Before starting I expected to do most of the trail solo, so it was a pleasant surprise to find a good group to hike with. I felt pressured into zeroing a few times when I didn’t want to, but I don’t have any regrets. Now that I’m solo, I’ll get to make up time and go at my own pace.

I spent the day in Many running errands, resupplying food, picking up packages, eating entire pints of Ben and Jerry’s from Grocery Outlet (for $1.99!), cooking a frozen pizza, eating multiple breakfasts, etc. It was quite nice. I think Mammoth is a cool town and I want to come back soon, but I still love Bishop more. I’m a big fan of the free trolleys in town though.

The next day I lazed around and got ready to go. By 4:30 PM I was back on trail after having taken a few trolleys and buses to get back to Red’s Meadow. I hiked a little more than 10 miles out to find a camping spot I liked. And now I’m currently laying in my bivy staring at the swarms of mosquitoes overhead. I also just realized I’ve been misspelling mosquitoes this whole time. Damn.

I got a decent look at the Devil’s Postpile National Monument on my way out of town:

Main Photo: The view from the deck of the Davison Guesthouse on June 10.