Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Days 29 and 30: Casa De Luna

Mile 454.5 -> Mile 478.2 -> Hitchhike to Casa De Luna

We cruised through the 23ish miles to Green Valley and instantly got a hitch to the convenience store near Casa De Luna. After a quick purchase of beer and snacks, we marched toward Casa. There is no question about which house is Casa De Luna. After passing a few porta potties out front we saw a group of twenty some Hawaiian shirt-clad hikers resting on broken couches and makeshift chairs. Most were smoking, drinking, or eating. All were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

We got a quick look at the rules and made our way past to setup camp. Behind the two gates separating the house from the yard is a large manzanita forecast with small footpaths and tentsites. Speckled throughout the forest are rocks painted by previous hikers with all manner of decorations.

The picturesque forest forks in several directions, and we found our spots way in the back. We had some of the best camping of the trail in the backyard forest of a trail angel. Who would have thought?

Casa De Luna traditions quickly hugged us and never let us go. I quickly found a Hawaiian shirt I liked, put it on, and didn’t take it off my entire time there. I ate pancakes in the morning, taco salad for dinner, and drank cases of beer with friends.

We lazed around for a day and a half and saw many hikers come and go. We danced for our class of 2019 bandanas, signed the 2019 banner, played cornhole, painted our fingernails, and took naps. The entire experience, as hard as it is to describe, was exactly what we needed.

The entire grounds are decorated with rocks painted by hikers. I posted a few of my favorites below.

Main Photo: A painted rock at Casa De Luna depicting what I feel could be the slogan of the place. June 8.