Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 26: The Next 30

Mile 420.8 -> Mile 451.0

Today was fucking hot. With the off and on reception, I was able to check the weather and catch a forecast straight sun and low 90s all day. With our plan to hike 30 miles, this menat getting up before 5:30 AM, getting going by 5:30 AM, and taking frequent breaks until nightfall. We ended up getting into camp around 7:50 PM, but had a comfy spot next to Highway 14 to call home.

As usual, the views were gorgeous. The sun was heinous, the heat was punishing, but the views were incredible.

Tomorrow we’re getting an early breakfast after 3+ miles of hiking into Agua Dulce. We’re psyched for Hiker Heaven, rest, beer, etc.

Main Photo: A gorgeous view outside the Angeles National Forest on June 4.