Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 25: The First 30

Mile 389.2 -> Mile 420.8

We wanted to get into Hiker Heaven on Wednesday, June 5, so we had to slice put 65ish miles. We could do big miles on days 1 and 2 with a tiny day on day 3, or split up the miles to have a more balanced hike. Due to the desert heat that was finally kicking in, we decided to bust out the miles and get into Hiker Heaven early on Wednesday.

So we did 33 miles today, including an addition 1.5 miles for an endagered species closure. The day was hard but it was a good way to ramp up strength for the sections to come.

Main Photo: A common but breathtaking view of the Angeles National Forest on June 3.