Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 23: Christmas In Wrightwood

Mile 364.3 -> Mile 369.3 -> Hitchhike into Wrightwood

An easy 5 miles to the CA 2 freeway was our gateway into Wrightwood. Kacy (now Money Beets) asked a trail angel to give us a ride, and after a quick hop into a truck bed, we were off.

We arrived at Mountain Hardware where they greeted us and had us sign in. We all got PCT pins and were shown the hiker area complete with charging ports, benches, and free space to repack our bags. I picked up a new pair of shoes shipped from REI as well as an awesome care package from my mom (shout out to moms around the world, y’all killin’ it). I also bought a cheap pair of gloves, some more socks, and a pack of baby wipes to do a hiker shower. It was pretty much Christmas in June out in Wrightwood.

We did the typical town stuff of getting coffee, eating breakfast burritos and/or pastries, and getting groceries. We then did the atypical town stuff: we headed to The Yodeler bar to watch Liverpool and Tottenham have an anemic Champions League final. The owner was a Liverpool fan and poured everyone a double of Jameson. Kacy (now Money Beets) didn’t want hers, so of course I had it. Bad choice.

We drank and ate and drank and ate until we realized we weren’t getting on trail again. We contacted some trail angels and got offered a place to crash by Maile and Lynn. The Maile+Lynn experience included burgers, re-connecting with Olya (who will be hopping off trail for a month with an injury), petting a Siamese cat, and getting hands-on foot care from Maile. It was a great experience all around, and I’m glad to have stayed.

Wrightwood was touted as one of the coolest trail towns, and now I see why. New shoes, new socks, copious beer, good food, great people, and fun times.

Main Photo: The westward view of Los Angeles hiking into Wrightwood, CA on June 1.