Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 20: Silverwood Lake Oasis

Mile 314.6 -> Mile 335.6

Another morning with condensation, but since it was a warm night I was comfortable. My quilt got soaked, though. Luckily we had an easy day ahead, and we planned a rest at the Cleghorn picnic area on Silverwood Lake and the West Mojave Fork River.

Walking from the mountains up into view of Silverwood Lake was absolutely breathtaking. Walking along the lake rim was the highlight of my day.

At the Cleghorn picnic area, we dried our gear, took a dip in the lake, and kicked back for a few hours.

Our plan is to push 6 miles in Cajon Pass, gorge ourselves on fast food, and take a rest day at the motel there. We planned on getting into Wrightwood for a rest, but the lodging cost is almost double (for worse accomodations). So we shook up our plan to head into Cajon Pass early in the morning for a McDonald’s breakfast. In real lifez that sounds pretty bad. But on trail that sounds divine.

Main Photo: The farthest view of Silverwood Lake of the day. May 30.