Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 19: Bridges Over Deep Creek

Mile 285.6 -> Mile 314.6

I cowboy camped last night in my bivy, and I expected a bit of condensation. What I didn’t expect was for it to drop below freezing at night. I woke up with my bivy and quilt frozen together. I was hoping this wasn’t a bad omen for how the day would go, and luckily it wasn’t.

The first break of the day was at the beach of Deep Creek. It was a good spot to dry our stuff and rest our feet before the next 15 or so miles of the day.

We spent much of the day skirting around Deep Creek, which passes through a small mountain range and exits to a dam. Deep Creek also has a small section of hot springs, which I decided to pass on. Hot springs are great, but old man dongs and drunk people aren’t very relaxing to me on trail. And we saw both of those things, so we just cruised past after a short break.

A couple of cool things from today: I saw gorgeous California kingsnake, and we crossed the 300 mile mark today, so that was cool.

Main Photo: The dam that Deep Creek feeds into near Lake Arrowhead, CA (I think?) On May 28.