Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 12: Over Fuller Ridge

Mile 176.4 -> Mile 197.2

Last night was painful and restless. Nevertheless, we had ground to cover, and almost all of it would be over snow and ice. My phone said the temperature at our campsite was 27 degrees Fahrenheit. We we’re about frozen to the bone, but the best way to warm up is to get moving.

We had beautiful views most of the day, but the intense wind and cold temperature made us want to get off this nightmarish mountain. We passed on our chance to summit Mt. San Jacinto as none of us had microspikes, and the trail approaching 9600 ft. was challenging enough.

After we passed Fuller Ridge we descended 2700 ft. quickly to get to a more comfortable spot. Well, it’s now still absurdly windy, there’s a small chance of rain, and we’re exhausted. But we’re doing 12 miles in Cabazon tomorrow for In-N-Out and a motel, so that’s exciting.

The past two days have been the hardest days I’ve ever had on a hike. But I just keep saying to myself one of my mom’s favorite quotes:

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” - Dory I’m Finding Nemo

Main Photo: The view of the clouds from Saddle Junction on Mt. San Jacinto on May 21.