Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 6: Zero In Warner Springs

Mile 109.5 - Zero Miles on Trail

We planned on taking an easy day and maybe putting in a few miles in the afternoon. Toucan, Trashalope, and I event decided to stay back and take a zero (the name for taking a day off trail and doing “zero” miles of forward progress on the trail).

We were still “productive” with our time off. We drank tall boys of Pacifico, ate double lunch portions at the Warner Golf Ranch Grill, chased lunch with entire pints of ice cream, and said hi to some horses. We also did some shopping at the mobile gear store 2 Foot Adventures. They were awesome, and Toucan left with a new pair of trail runners.

I managed to find a small fanny pack in a hiker box, so now I have some more accessible space for my stuff. We’ll see how long I can stand to wear it!

My foot is feeling better but it’s still tender. A cursory Google search suggests it might be a bruised/somethinged cartoid, likely from a sprain when going downhill on day 3. I’m glad I took the day off, and now we have a plan for Idyllwild.

Main Photo: Our feast at Warner Ranch Golf Grill in Warner Springs, CA on May 15.