Jacob Leistra / "Game Boy" / PCT 2019

Day 2: Mount Laguna and the Second Burger

Mile 20.2 -> Mile 45.3

The rain drop alarm clock rang at 5:40 AM, so we quickly packed up and got moving. We passed a few other groups from the day before, but we all leap-frogged each other throughout the day.

The rain followed us through the better part of the day until we got to Mount Laguna. It then cleared up as we headed into a the Pine Lodge Cafe for our second burger in two days.

The desert has been uncharacteristically kind to us. Yes, it’s been raining, but I’m willing to bet it’s better than overloading on water and suffering in the sweltering heat.

Not much to say, despite having plenty of things to talk about. I’m exhausted and just happy to be here.

Main Photo: The view just past Mount Laguna, CA on May 11.